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Service Policy


Any reasonable and unavoidable special fees or charges incurred will be in addition to all charter rates published herein.

Cancellations and Refusal of Service

A patron who refuses service or who does not appear at the designated point of pick up will incur the full rate of service expected. A trip cancelled by the patron or a third party on his behalf after the vehicle has been dispatched will be charged a cancellation fee in accordance with the service to be rendered. All cancellations must be made at least 30 days prior to the actual reservation date or a cancellation fee will be charged to the client. In the event of cancellation, this fee will automatically apply to reservations made within 30 days or less of the scheduled service. Proof of cancellation requires the provision of a valid cancellation number from Essex Limousine Service.

Refund of Deposit

A full refund of funds deposited shall be made if cancellation of services is made at least 30 days prior to the date of scheduled service. No refund shall be made if cancellation of service occurs within 30 days of expected service. This includes reservations made within 30 days or less of expected service.

Liability for Delays

The carrier shall not be held liable for delays caused by an Act of God, public enemies, authority of law, quarantine, perils of navigation, riots, strikes, hazards of danger due to a state of war (declared or undeclared), accidents, breakdown, hazardous weather conditions, and other conditions beyond the control of the carrier. The carrier does not guarantee to endeavor to maintain the schedule submitted by its agent or employee. The carrier is not to be held liable in any way for a failure to maintain its schedule.

Objectionable Persons

The carrier reserves the right to refuse transport or to discontinue transport of any person who, in the carrier's judgment, is incapable of taking care of himself or herself or whose conduct is such as to make him or her objectionable to or a danger to other persons, the driver, or the vehicle.

Damage to the Vehicle

The actual cost of repairs for any damages done to the vehicle's interior or exterior by a party is to be paid by the party chartering the vehicle.

Cellular Telephone

Charges incurred according to usage.


Baggage will not be checked. Personal baggage and other paraphernalia necessary for the purpose of the trip will be limited to the capacity of the vehicle and will be transported in the custody of the passenger at no additional charge. Essex Limousine is not responsible for articles left in the vehicle.

Returned Checks

There will be a $35.00 fee for all returned checks.